What I'm doing now.

(Updated on February 16th 2022)

  • Going bouldering, rope climbing and hitting the gym every other day.

  • Learning Swedish.

  • Writing blog articles for this website as well as for the Capgemini Belgium Customer Experience Medium page.


  • Running Proxmox on a custom server, self-hosting web services through VMs and docker containers (with Portainer).

  • Tinkering with a few Raspberry Pis.

  • Writing ansible playbooks to automate everything I can.

  • Using the free tier of Kemp, a load balancer / reverse proxy coupled to Cloudflare Access.

Web development

  • Drafting up my 2022 learning program.

  • Training junior developers on React, Vue and Typescript.

  • Making React and React Native applications using Tailwind, Typescript and App Center.

  • Building and architecting VueJS web apps.

  • Working on AEM projects and learning some Java / Sling along the way.

  • Using git-subrepo to share code between projects.