What I'm doing now.

(Last update on 08/04/2020)

  • Exploring Belgium as much as I can, while most things remain closed because of the pandemic.

  • Drafting blog articles for this website as well as for the Capgemini Belgium Customer Experience Medium page.

  • Working on my homelab, running Proxmox on a custom built server and tinkering with a few Raspberry Pi, following some of Techno Tim videos.

  • Learning more about networking while setting up a Unifi network.

Web development

  • Building React Native applications using Tailwind, Typescript and App Center.

  • Using git-subrepo to share code between projects.

  • Working on my Python skills with some Flask side projects.

  • Switching to Vite for my React apps.

  • Creating VSCode extensions with SvelteKit.

  • Setting up Gitlab pipelines for CI/CD environments, with a self hosted gitlab runner.

  • Learning about React Query.